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Posting over at the Door of Hope Women’s page today…

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JJ Barrows wrote today’s post. May her authenticity and  wisdom speak His truth to your hearts.

It is a Tuesday morning unlike any other, at least for me, as it is my first Tuesday morning being thirty-one years of age. It’s funny to me how at one point any age past thirty seemed so very old, and now any age before thirty seems so very young. I was talking with a girl in her twenties just the other day and found myself saying, “Oh, but you’re just a baby.” And maybe there is truth to that, maybe in the grand scheme of life, twenty is the new “baby,” and if thirty is the new twenty, then I myself am in fact still just a baby.

While there should be comfort in that, at least according to the world, that I’m still young, the more I get to know Jesus, the…

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