The Breakdown

Well, day two of the road trip we haven’t started yet has come and gone, but not without adventure!

Good thing the van broke down before we got to the desert. Today I got to try my hand at being a mechanic, thanks to the guys at San Diego Westy! Then showed my Pops and nephew around San Diego one last time. Jackson really like the public displays of affection.
Saturday morning we hit the road!

Couldn’t have done it without Pete, JJ, Tim and all the guys at San Diego Westy!

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Off Days Happen!


Every day is different, I’m learning to respect the difference, even on the off days. In pursuing comedy I’m learning you can’t win em’ all, but you can keep on going!

Whether up or down or off or on, life is beautiful journey and a never ending lesson. I’m glad I’m here, and that you are too!