Hope In Waiting with Lisa Gilbert (Part 2)


Lisa Gilbert is back, fresh off of our virtual comedy show and picking up where we left off last week. After her own story of growing up in foster care, being adopted by a single mother, and eventually marrying later in life and giving birth to TRIPLETS!!… Lisa shares with us this week about what it’s like to raise kids in the current climate of racial tension, and her own story and family history of growing up bi-racial, being raised in a white family, marrying into a black family and addressing the dynamics and differences of each, yet how to find common ground and unity through the art of listening. 

Our personal favorite take away from Lisa this week: “be willing to have a learner position instead of a judgement position.”

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Hope In Waiting with Lisa Gilbert (Part 1)


This week, Comedian, Social Worker and recent Home School Teacher (thanks to Corona), Lisa Gilbert, shares her story of growing up in foster care, being adopted by a single mom, and finally becoming a mother herself… to triplets(!!) at the age of 44. In this first part of two episodes, Lisa has a lot to say about having hope in the midst of waiting… whatever it is you may be waiting for.

Lisa Gilbert and The Jest of It host, JJ Barrows, perform live comedy with Nowhere Comedy Club this Sunday night, August 23rd, 2020 5pm PST!

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Third World Memories with Maria Alexander


Maria Fuentes Alexander grew up fast, raising her 4 siblings in poverty and a time of war in El Salvador. At only 10 years old, her parents set off for America to prepare a new place to them all to call home.


Maria shares openly for the first time in public, what is was like to grow up as a lonely child of war, dreaming of an America with golden streets and miracle-producing microwaves. With her arrival in America came relief, but also great disappointments… like chicken sandwiches. 


Now raising a son of her own on a farm in Indiana, Maria is able to laugh, enjoy life and express gratitude for where she has come from. Her story serves as her compass for how to raise a son in America with the grit of a third world immigrant. 



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Introducing: The Jest of It!


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It’s our first introductory episode! Welcome to season one. This week, artist, author and our kinda funny host, JJ Barrows, starts us off by sharing one of her own stories about surviving middle school. Afterward, she’ll break down what this podcast is about, how it came to be and where JJ is in life that brought her to this place of wanting to share people’s stories. Perhaps it’s what we all need right now, just to listen to each other’s stories, even the hard parts, knowing eventually we’ll get to the jest of it!

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