sharing stories

I’m working on my YouTube Channel, so here’s a little something, something about what it’s all about. I’m sharing stories because I believe that laughter heals, honesty is hard and awesome, and that people are great, even when we mess up sometimes. In grace and truth is where we will find love. And aisle 9 is where you will find the peanut butter.

Please feel free to spread the word.

Update on the book “it’s called a spade” coming soon.

single, thirty-something and curious…

An update from “confessions of a barista”: The guy never came back in (see previous post).

In the meantime, I’m realizing that being in your thirties is like going through puberty again, especially if you’re single. I guess you’re never too old for a little crush, and the awkwardness that comes with it.

The risk involved in telling this story is that it is not past tense. So long, pride!