The Stay In Saturday Show

A new show while stuck inside!

Whether it’s actually Saturday by the time this is seen, or just another day that ends in Y, I’m coming to you each Saturday while we’re all a little stuck inside for a little while. I’d love to hear from YOU… what’s quarantine like for you? What do you want to see more of, less of, what are some highlights and bright spots of this situation?
There’s enough bad press out there so we won’t dwell on that, but I would like to hear from everyone else what this experience is like for them.
Feel free to comment, send pics, messages, videos, I’d love to include content from other people as well. Seeing as this is just the beginning, I’ll fill you in with where I’m at on all of this and how we’ve been getting through it. Hope everyone is staying safe, sane and creative out there!
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Socially Distant Baseball

For those of you missing all your sports games and commentary, here’s a tribute to a few oldies but goodies. Can you name all the movies included!?

Stay safe out there!

Oh also, we’re still social distancing as well… I just live next to a baseball field, it’s basically connected to my backyard. Pretty much year round the field is ALWAYS loud… until the town got quarantined due to the Corona virus. I’m not gonna lie, not only am I enjoying the silence, I finally went to enjoy a baseball game!!

As an introvert, crowds aren’t really my thing, but this was quite an enjoyable experience. Sometimes you just gotta get out for a walk (at a safe distance) and use your imagination!